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Soldier Side

Hello everyone,

Earlier this year I was sitting on the train, on my way to work, listening to System of a Down.

The final track, Soldier Side, from the album Hypnotize, started to play and as I was listening I felt so inspired and moved by the melody and meaning behind the piece, that I started to imagine my own interpretation of the song. I felt compelled to compose my own rendition and tell the story with the sounds I was hearing in my mind.

A little later in the year I can happily say that the piece is finished.

I love the original by System of a Down and it remains to be one of my favourite songs by them. I want to thank them for creating an emotive and powerful piece of music. It has been wonderful to work on this rendition of it and I hope you enjoy.

This goes out to the lost voices that are caught up in endless cycles of violence and war.

Whoever they are, wherever they may be.

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